Summer Camp Reaction

26 Aug 2012

Summer Camp 2012 a howling success!

Actorsworkshop's 2012 summer youth theatre was a great success! Taking up residence at Chapter this year a new generation of young performers aged between 6 and 16 took part in workshops in dance, acting and singing; rehearsing a performance of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

On the final day the young group presented their performance to a supportive audience made up of mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and invited guests including Time Schools.

Growing in confidence each day the enthusiastic young group developed a host of social skills and did themselves and their families proud. 

One parent commented;

'My son has really enjoyed this week and even in the short time he has been in we have seen him grow in enthusiasm and confidence'

Jamie Lee, Actorsworkshop's Artistic Director commented;

The summer camp at Chapter was a huge success! We had a great team of young people taking part, some existing members and some brand new. It was a pleasure to see such enthusiasm, with young people enjoying themselves, making new friends and having the chance to show off their performance skills. We look forward to working with these young people again in our regular term time workshops at Llanover Hall from September. Following this year's success we are already planning the 2013 programme of workshops for young people. Watch this space!

Actorsworkshop: Junior's new term time course begins on Saturday 22nd September at Llanover Hall Arts Centre. 


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