Rough Draught

9 Oct 2013

Rough Draught

An opportunity to put pen to paper and hear your words come to life.

On 23rd November at 4pm a collection of short scripts will be performed at Porter's in Cardiff. So what’s missing? You are!

This will be a quarterly event and we are looking for monologues/duologues/short plays no longer than 10 mins in length. A few pieces will be chosen, directed and performed on the day by actors and directors appointed to the piece by Porter’s and Actorsworkshop.

This an opportunity to strip back performance and let your words do the work!

Porter’s is unique in the fact that it has its own performance space ‘The Other Room’, and performers will have access on the day to that space to rehearse with their appointed director.

Your piece won’t be judged by any panel and there won’t be any formalised feedback structure, we just want to perform your work and give you and your audience the chance to watch and listen before kicking back at the bar and talking about what you have just seen.

Each event will have a theme and as it's Porter's 1st Anniversary on the 23rd of November our theme is 'Anniversary'. You can apply this theme as tightly or loosely as you like; we want you to be inventive with it.

So what are you waiting for? The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Friday November 8th.

Contact us for an application pack (this includes all the script criteria) at

We would also like declarations of interest from performers & directors who would like to assist this production. Anyone interested is urged to email us using the address provided.