Gary Knowles' Filming News

30 Sep 2012

Gary Knowles Reports on Filming

When Actorsworkshop started (way back in 2001) we met Gary Knowles, a talented and enthusiasticly eager member, now over ten years on Gary is still a member - so much so that he's actually an associate, dropping in and working on many of our workshops. He's continuing to job as an actor and is frequently seen on stage and in film shoots across Wales and the rest of the UK. We asked Gary to give us an up-to-date report on what he's been doing this month...

Gary recently worked on Jolene The Indie Folk Star Movie. Directed by Jamie Adams and Comedian Ian Smith. It's an improvised comedy that follows Charlotte Ritchie (Fresh Meat) on a journey from London to Wales with some great names attached, the cast already includes Rosamund Hanson (This Is England & Life's Too Short), Craig Roberts (Submarine), Keiron Self (My Family), Dolly Wells (Noel Fieldings Luxury Comedy, Spy) and Tom Rosenthal (Friday Night Dinners).
Gary said “I have had the pleasure in working with Jamie on All Shook Up with the talented and much missed Brian Hibbard and an amazing cast. Jamie always said there was a bigger role to come and working on this recent film proved a great experience.

Gary also awaits the arrival of Keri Collins movie Convenience scheduled for release in Jan 2013 where he worked alongside Ray Panthaki (Eastenders) Adele Akhtar (Four Lions and The Angelous Empithemou Show) Vicky McLure (This Is England and Line Of Duty) and a host of other cameo appearances even one from Verne Troyer.