Ben Atterbury


Hello, I’m Ben, and I’m Actorsworkshop’s Office and Marketing Assistant. I graduated from Cardiff University in 2013 after 3 years studying English Literature, and although a lover of all things literary, Drama and Theatre have always been my passion. I’ve been on and behind the stage since the age of ten and in my spare time I work hard to create Theatre through various writing projects.

My role at Actorsworkshop is all encompassing. I market, I administrate, I file, and sometimes, when nobody is watching, I do a little dance.

As a devotee of all things digital I’m particularly interested in the way that Actorsworkshop continues to grow socially and I carefully monitor and manage the company’s facebook and twitter presence as well as investigate new and interesting ways of marketing ourselves honestly; ethics are important, kids.

I have big plans for the future of the company, and I’m working hard to put them all down on paper before Google steals them. If you need anything, give me a shout, I’ll be happy to help.

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