Lewis Vaughan Jones joins forces again with Actorsworkshop

31 May 2012

Lewis Vaughan Jones returns to deliver TV Masterclass

We are very excited about the planned return of Lewis Vaughan Jones to Actorsworkshop. 5 Years ago Lewis teamed up with Actorsworkshop to deliver a special workshop in TV presentation and news coverage. The session was amazing, with participants being exposed to the workings of an on-location news reporter.

In the original workshop members were shown how to draft their own news report, deliver live on-location, interview witnesses and local people connected to stories, perform on camera, host shows and deliver down-the-line interviews whilst taking notes and direction from an in studio team. Then in fun simulations the participants got to have a go themselves. 

Lewis was on-hand throughout taking us through the exercises, adding his support and comments and discussing what happens in the real world of news presentation. The session was a real hit. At that time Lewis was working for the local ITV Wales news team. 

Now - 5 years further on - Lewis has been busy working for the ITV National News specifically creating on-location reports and breaking news stories on the 1.30pm, 6.30pm and News at Ten programmes. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to welcome Lewis back to Actorsworkshop for one of our summer masterclasses. 

On the 7th June at Chapter Lewis will again give workshop members a unique insight into his world when he presents his TV and News presentation masterclass. It starts at 10.30am and rund through till 1pm with Lewis providing examples and working with participants to actively undertake working simulations of what he does everyday in his job. 

David Wilson, Actorsworkshop's Executive Director commented "Its wonderful to provide these practical, fun but informative workshops with colleagues who actually do this for a living. I am delighted that we are able to welcome Lewis back to Cardiff and back to Actorsworkshop for what will be a very special masterclass. I took part in the last one and can say from experience that not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself but also challenged my presentation technique. You don't appreciate how hard these presenters work." 

Masterclass details:


ITV news reporter for ITV national news Lewis Vaughan-Jones makes a welcome return to Actorsworkshop. In an On-Camera session you will be dropped into the world of television news reporting and live presentation. In a variety of practical exercises you will learn what its like to draft your own on-location report, perform as a TV presenter and be interviewed live. An exciting and fun session where Lewis will share his experience and knowledge with you - whilst you also have a go!


Lewis' Biog

Lewis Vaughan Jones is a correspondent for ITV National News. He reports on breaking news stories for the ITV News programmes at 1.30pm, 6.30pm and News at Ten. As a general news reporter he covers all kinds of stories all over the country and abroad. 

Lewis started his journalism career in ITV Regional news, working for ITV London Tonight and ITV Wales. He trained as a journalist at Cardiff School of Journalism. Before that he worked in Public Affairs. He studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at Oxford University.