Fight Club Routines Online

21 Apr 2012

Kev McCurdy choreographs routine for Fight Club

Actorsworkshop's Fight Club hit with a punch today when Kev choreographed a new routine for members. The group tirelessly worked for over 3 hours pulling together a grueling and physicial routine expertly choreographed by Kev. 

After a full-on warm up and clear instructions to the day, the group learned the starting elements of a new fight, first pushing then punching. Kev McCurdy, no stranger to creating physical routines, then asked the participants to grapple with each other and instinctively choreographed what seems to the onlooker as a messy brawl but each move had been specifically calculated by Actorsworkshop's resident Fight Master. 

Watch the filmed routines>>



The team videoed the results and these have been put up on Actorsworkshop's facebook page and you cxan also see them by clicking here>>

Each one was acted with conviction and plays out well. Well done the the fight club team and those taking part.