Bitesize workshop tour of South Wales

18 May 2012


We are delighted to announce that we will present our bitesize workshops in Newport, Cardiff and Swansea this summer. 

Actorsworkshop is always looking to introduce itself to new people & these starter workshops are perfect for that! The Bitesize workshops are based on having fun and meeting new people. Jamie Lee, Actorsworkshop's Artistic Director will lead the Saturday morning workshops in each city. They will give you a taste of what happens in the weekly classes based at Chapter in Cardiff. 

Jamie said "The idea is to provide a fun, friendly enviroment for you to come and enjoy acting. Maybe you want to find out about us or find out what it feels like to act. We'll get you up on your feet doing it. We use really fun games to interact between a group and get new actors trying new things. I'm really excited to be taking this to these cities - Newport and Swansea - and provide a one-off in Chapter for thoe who were thinking about coming to our programmes in Cardiff but maybe nervous of booking a whole term first."

The workshops will be held on a Saturday mornings this summer, lasting for about 3 hours. Its aimed at new people to Actorsworkshop and those who want to have fun, meet people and start practicing acting.

David Wilson, Actorsworkshop's Executive Director commented "We reach a varied audience of participants from across South Wales and we wanted to provide our bitesize workshop in and outside Cardiff. It's important to provide introductory experiences and stretch out, this is our first step. We are planning on bringing weekly workshops to Newport and Swansea and this is a tester one-off workshop to meet participants and discuss our services."

The specific times and dates will be launched on the 22nd May with the ticket office opening a few days later. News will be sent out from Actorsworkshop's website, the twitter feed and on our facebook page. For those who know Actorsworkshop or have performed before we are also announcing a series of masterclass sessions also programmed this summer.